This new project was born from the desire to create a wooden round table, paired with a chair, characterised by rounded motifs that gives a welcoming atmosphere.
As Cecilie Manz explains, “a round table gives rise to a certain atmosphere and a sense of ‘being together’ – simply by virtue of its circular shape. A table is such a vital piece of furniture: many situations in our everyday life unfold around a table: dining, playing, working, spending time with family and friends.”

The chair shares the same embracing design: the curved backrest reminds of the ancient Greek klismos chairs, and the legs characterised by a loop frame, give a sense of continuity creating a balanced soft-sharp appearance.
Here the attention to a round and welcoming shape is paired with a high level of coziness, as Cecilie Manz says: “I have tried to keep the chair modest in size and expression but still with character and good seating comfort.”

Maruni 2022

Photo credits :
Yoneo Kawabe / Maruni
Cecilie Manz studio